Amanda Pasdon: She's About the People and she's About Promise!

Since her first election four years ago, Amanda Pasdon has been true to her word focusing on her commitment that her legislative service would be "About People and About Promise" by effectively representing the needs and issues important to the citizens of Monongalia County.

She is a proven leader that has recognized by her selection to serve as the youngest Chair of a Major Committee in the House of Delegates, serving as Minority Chair of the WV House Education Committee.

She delivers for the citizens and families of Monongalia County as a results-oriented leader by:

  • Protecting hardworking families by voting to increase the minimum wage, no new taxes on families, and preventing an increase on insurance prices
  • Vigorously fought cuts hurting our child advocacy centers, Family Resource Networks and Family Resource Centers
  • Advancing Job creating policies and economic diversification (need to list examples here)
  • Enhancing Student success thru support of the education transformation legislation giving more flexibility for students, reducing regulations on schools, and freedom of hiring in the school systems with teachers have more say
  • Financial accountability by protecting the WV Rainy Day Fund, reduction of the corporate net income tax
  • Providing an environment that fosters job growth and economic opportunity with the departure of the business franchise tax
  • ...Among many others

Amanda shares, "I am running to continue the momentum and progress we've made so far for Monongalia County in Charleston. My commitment is to:

  • Continue improving the environment for job opportunities and business friendly sector with strong growth that benefits our citizens and their families
  • Strengthening the quality of school systems that ensures our students receive the highest quality of education
  • Restoring support for Children and Family programs that provide a hand up that ensures lifelong success for youngest citizens
  • improving the quality of life for all citizens"

"Serving the citizens of our county and the Mountain State is the greatest honor for me and with your vote I will continue to fight for you and your family. As a fiscal conservative and advocate for working families, I will ensure that government provides opportunities for life-long success."

Latest news

May 15, 2014
Amanda Pasdon Featured in "The Next Faces of the Republican Party" in US News and World Report

NEW YORK — If the Republican Party is serious about expanding its appeal and restoring its ability to win national elections, it's going to have to look a lot more like Amanda Pasdon.

The 33-year-old Georgia native is currently running for a third term as a GOP West Virginia House Delegate representing Morgantown, a district tucked inside such a Democratic stronghold she was once told directly by a county official her campaign was hopeless...